Bear and Ragged Staff

inscription:  Warwick

height:  90mm

matching arms:  Warwick

notes:  There are numerous variants of this model, differing in the colouring of the bear, of the bear's harness and chain, and of the base. The version in which the whole model is white and glazed is the only version to carry a coat of arms, and this is placed on a shield affixed to the base of the staff. This shield is not present on the other variants. The inscription is impressed into the top surface of the base on all variants. Some models, particularly those without a coat of arms, carry the additional printed inscription "Copyright. Pub. as act directs (see 54 Geo III, c. 56) W.H. Goss Stoke-on-Trent 7 May 1898" on the underside of the base.

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