Lincoln Imp

inscription:  The Imp of Lincoln

height:  45mm, 80mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm, and 140mm

matching arms:  City of Lincoln;  Ancient Arms of Lincoln

notes:  The 115mm size features the imp sitting on a pedestal (see the first photograph) and has the inscription impressed around the base of the pedestal. It can be found white unglazed, brown unglazed, or with the imp white unglazed but the pedestal white glazed. The last form is the only one which bears arms, usually two coats and usually matching, the second coat generally being the See of Lincoln.

The other sizes are models of the imp alone as in the second photograph. The inscription is impressed on the back of the model, and they also have a small hole in the back so were presumably intended for wall hanging. Apart from the 45mm size which is only known in brown, they can all be found either white unglazed or brown unglazed. None of them normally carries a coat of arms, though they can be found with the arms of Blackpool.


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